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The Edge

We operate under a shared set of values that underpin everything we do.

We’re committed to exceeding our customers’ and clients’ expectations and believe we can provide the most effective outcomes by working within this framework.

We call these values ‘the edge’ as we feel they give us ‘the edge’ in helping us remain a successful business and a great place to work.

Candidates are attracted to our business because we have a reputation for a “great culture” – we agree and we are proud of it.

Our core values are:

About our Excellence Awards Program

Our Excellence Awards Program rewards and recognises staff nominated by their colleagues who exemplify one or more of our values. Quarterly winners receive a gift voucher in appreciation, and our annual winners are awarded a $1,000 travel voucher.

Introducing Christine Samara - IT Senior Application Developer

Christine was nominated for living the values One Team, Performance and Creativity.

She was nominated by a colleague who said, “Christine is a very gifted developer but more importantly she is a fantastic team member. She is the first to step up and offer assistance when required. She is very creative with her thinking and always offers a solution when there is a tricky issue.

An example of her achievements is Meridian Payment updates to enhance usability, a truly agile piece of work.

We had an urgent issue in production recently which could have affected the business. We put our heads together and came up with a solution, which Christine then immediately implemented. She ended up staying on for a number of extra hours to see the solution through – even though it could have waited until the next day.”

Thanks for going the extra mile Christine, and keep up the great work!