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Gold Cross

Gold Cross Products & Services is a fully owned subsidiary of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia (managed by Guild Group) and endorses pharmacy products and services badged with the Guild’s logo.

Under the iconic Gold Cross brand, the company provides Guild members with endorsed products and services, including Glucojel, pharmacy publications, digital channel support and a range of endorsed products and services including over-the-counter medicines.

The Gold Cross brand has benefitted Guild members for over fifty years, with the Gold Cross seen as the definitive symbol for quality care and advice on medicines.

Fiona Saunders

Fiona Saunders

Editor, Digital Designer and Coordinator, Gold Cross
Hobbies & interests

Music. Drawing. Painting. Cooking

Gold Cross

'There is a real sense of unity, respect and acceptance. As well as enjoying my role, I feel genuinely valued and appreciated.'

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