'There are so many people within the company that are abounding with knowledge and are more than happy to share with anyone who asks.'

Annmarie Murphy Head of Broker Desk, Guild Insurance Plus

Annmarie's story

My experience at Guild 

I started in my new role as Head of the Broker Desk in October 2021, after being with Guild for 8 years, and I’m very excited to be working with such a great team. They have been handpicked to ensure we keep with the ‘Guild way’ - being there for our communities. This is the best part of the job for me. Knowing that we’re making a difference in our customers’ lives really makes it worthwhile. That they can rely on us to provide them with the best service we can, especially when they fall on difficult times. We do this best when we pull together and I know we’re going to continue hitting the ball out of the park with the formation of Guild Insurance Plus. 

The sense of comradery in Guild is amazing. We’ve all been going through some tough times recently – both our people and our customers – specifically with the impact of the pandemic at work and at home, and to see how we have collaborated as a company to make sure we all came out better on the other side is unbelievable. This is what sets Guild apart from other workplaces. The way the leaders took steps to ensure everyone knew that Guild was there for them really resonated with me. And it flowed on to all staff - you have people reaching out to others now, checking in just to say ‘hi’, and they may not have had that interaction pre-Covid. 

Guild has allowed me to grow within my career whilst staying at the Company so there is no doubt this is the right fit for me. I have been so very fortunate to be able to expand my knowledge and responsibilities within every position I have held at Guild under the tutelage of my managers.  This has led me to where I am today, breaking new ground with Guild Insurance Plus. Guild affords us all that opportunity. There are so many people within the company that are abounding with knowledge and are more than happy to share with anyone who asks – it can be a breeding ground for learning and development. 

Guild is like a family.  Leaders being parents, pushing you to challenge yourself but there for you when you need a hug. And teammates being the siblings that goad you into being a better you. There may be some tough love, but it comes from a good place. 


Outside of work… 

I like to keep everything balanced, so working lots but playing lots and then making up for it with working out lots! 

I read fiction and have a Kindle and Amazon Unlimited account so that I can download all the books I want. I go to bed early and read, so I get away from all the blue light and distractions of the small screens.  It’s my way of winding down after the day and allows my brain to stop turning over things that have happened or what I need to do tomorrow.   

When I’m on holidays, you’ll find me by the pool lost in a book and I can quite happily sit there all day long (if the cocktails keep flowing too, of course!) 


An accomplishment I’m proud of 

When I was in my mid-30’s I took a brave step and resigned from my job and life in Dublin, Ireland, and went travelling with no end date or goal in sight other than to gain life experiences.  As a result, I am now married and living in Melbourne, Australia. My husband works in Guild Insurance which is how we met! 

I reckon I’m probably as far as one can get from Irish suburbia. The one thing that has remained the same though is that I still work in insurance and I’m now returning to my roots of being an insurance broker.

Annmarie Murphy
Head of Broker Desk
Guild Insurance Plus
Hobbies & Interests

Working, playing & working out