'Here, you know the work you do is well received and appreciated, and that’s what makes people say ‘Wow’!'

Michelle Pattison Learning Business Partner, Guild Group

Michelle's story

How long have you been at Guild Group?
I started in 2019. I work in the Learning and Development team as a Learning Business Partner, primarily supporting Guild Insurance. I work part-time 4 days per week. Sometimes, I still feel very new. Coming to Guild Group was a big change, it was probably the first company in about 15 years that felt brand new. Even though I had been in insurance before, the allied health sector and everything is very new to me.


What was the moment you knew you’d made the right decision to work at Guild?
There are definitely a few moments, but one that stands out to me is when I finished the Pet Insurance project. I got to finish a great piece of work and I received great feedback and acknowledgement from the project team and my peers, that was probably when I knew I had done the right thing.

Also, when I started to have people calling me, outside of my team, to just chat and check in with me to see how I’m going, those kinds of friendships and relationships are when you know that you belong somewhere. I always knew I’d make the right choice coming to Guild, it was the right time, and I love being in the role of Learning Business Partner, so it was definitely the right choice for me.


What makes Guild different from other places you’ve worked?
I would say that Guild is really nimble. It’s a smaller company in terms of size, number of employees, than I have worked before, but it allows us to be quite innovative and get things to market quickly. I think that’s the big difference, there’s not a lot of red tape and decisions can be made quite fast.

I also like that Guild is open to doing things differently, exploring and being adventurous. Whether it be new markets, or new ways of doing things, new processes or systems, that’s a benefit of being small-ish. Those things are really appealing and set us apart. I mean, we keep winning awards for innovation which is really exciting.

It makes you buy in and get excited to work for a company that always wants to improve and do better by themselves and by the customer. You can see the work that Guild does really is about the customer and for the customer. It’s really important, because when you step back and you are the customer yourself, you know how you want to be treated. To work for a company that treats people the way you’d want to be treated as a customer makes different from other businesses – that intense focus on customers.


What are the things at Guild Group that matter to you the most?
For me, the biggest thing is probably flexibility. Not just for me, but the opportunity that all employees have to work flexibly. Working remotely provides that opportunity for people to make their lives easier and that’s probably the biggest thing.

It’s also the type of work I do. I am very fortunate that I get to do the work I love, to partner with the business and help people be their best selves at work through training and doing their job.

The other thing for me is the people I work with. As long as people are honest, transparent and direct that’s what is important to me and that’s what I’ve experienced so far at Guild.


What experience have you had at Guild that has made you feel like you’ve owned your role?
Where I’ve been able to partner with the business. To be given the opportunity to produce high-quality work and a high standard that also has a real purpose.


When you tell people about your job, what is the one thing that surprises them?
It’s funny, I share a lot about my experiences at Guild on my social media platform. After finishing the Pet Insurance project and receiving flowers and a balloon puppy dog, I shared that on social media because I am proud of the work I did and grateful for the acknowledgement from my team.

Lots of people commented and said that Guild sounded like a great place to work. Here, you know the work you do is well received and appreciated, and that’s what makes people say ‘Wow’. It’s all the little things that get acknowledged that makes the difference.


What is a hobby or passion you have outside of work?
I actually love makeup and fashion. The creative side of fashion and beauty. I love mucking around on people doing their hair and makeup. I love colours, patterns and textures all that creativity.


What is your favourite place to travel?
My husband and I love going to Hong Kong. We often travel there several times a year, I’ve been going there ever since I was little with my parents. I love it because it’s a blend of the old and the new, it’s very cosmopolitan and it’s an amazing city, which I love. In the past, it has been easy to pop over to China to visit Shenzhen or go up to Chengdu and see the pandas.

If we are wanting a relaxing holiday though, it’s Hawaii for sure.


Is there anything that you’ve accomplished outside of work that you’re particularly proud of?
I am proud of the fact that I used to be a tennis umpire and that I umpired in 8 Australian Opens. That was a great time of my life and something that I am really proud of.

I would umpire on the lines in the main court, I was usually the middle serving line, and I would umpire in the chair on the outside courts. It can be a lot of pressure when you have players like Pete Sampras or Goran Ivanišević who serves at over 200km per hour.

The other thing that I’m proud of would be having my daughter.


Michelle Pattison
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