Guild Group appoints new CEO and welcomes new Insurance EGM

Jun 27, 2022: Guild Group appoints Paul Cassidy as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) (effective July 2, 2022). Elizabeth Uehling welcomed in new role as Guild Insurance, Executive General Manager (EGM) (effective June 28, 2022).

Guild Group is pleased to announce the appointments of Chief Executive Officer Paul Cassidy and Guild Insurance Executive General Manager Elizabeth (Beth) Uehling.


Paul Cassidy, Incoming CEO

The Board endorsed Mr Cassidy, former Deputy CEO, as Group CEO effective from July 2, following outgoing CEO Mario Pirone’s retirement.

Mr Cassidy has been with the company for 11 years; as Guild Insurance General Manager, and more recently having executive oversight of Gold Cross and Guild Solutions. He has been working closely with Mr Pirone over the last six months to ensure this transition strengthens the organisation as it enters a new period of growth and prosperity.

On his retirement, Mr Pirone spoke fondly of Guild’s unique culture and clients.

“As I reflect on my journey with Guild Group, what stands out to me the most is our people and culture – which is truly unique and special – and our clients, who in most part work in health and care. Supporting these people and allowing them to do their job with the support of the products and services we provide is very gratifying,” explained Mr Pirone.

He continued, “It has been a real privilege to be Group CEO. I’ve been CEO for almost 12 years - my longest role in my career - which says a great deal about how much I’ve enjoyed the company, the challenges, and working with our staff. I am very pleased the Board has endorsed Paul Cassidy as the new CEO.”.

Incoming CEO Paul Cassidy says he looks forward to the exciting changes and opportunities ahead.

“My 11 years with the Group has been a fascinating journey. Guild has always been a company that cares deeply for its customers and people and that was what initially attracted me to it. The level of care is unique to Guild and the passion of our people for each other and our customers underpins all that we do.” Mr Cassidy said.

“Over the years, that passion has been channelled into our purpose and vision for each of our businesses. Take for example GuildSuper, which is focussed on changing the lives of women and their families through the work that they do. The energy and improvements provided and planned for the members of the fund is exciting.”

“I’m thrilled to take this focus to the next level and bring my own energy to it, encouraging boldness to pursue our purpose and tackle the most pressing challenges faced by our customers,” he continued.


 Beth Uehling, Executive General Manager, Guild Insurance

Additionally, Guild Insurance – Guild Group’s insurance operations – is excited to announce the new appointment of Beth Uehling as Executive General Manager.

This newly created role will oversee and lead the Insurance business, including strategic leadership and stakeholder management.

Commenting on the appointment, Group CEO Paul Cassidy addressed the importance of Ms Uehling’s new role.

“Beth brings wonderful energy and passion to tackle the opportunities available to our insurance business. Beth will join our Group Executive Leadership Team and her appointment marks an exciting time for Guild Insurance and the broader Group, as we work to integrate our trusted service promise with new product and digital solutions that remove complexity from our customers’ lives and build on the confidence they have in us,” Mr Cassidy said.