Health and Wellbeing at Guild Group
We're committed to creating a culture that prioritises health and wellbeing at Guild Group, and this means supporting our people’s physical and mental health, to ensure they feel supported, valued and well. Our health and wellbeing program is one of the ways we're doing this, providing them with access to counselling, discounted health cover and programs, and linking them to social, health and wellness activities. 



Health Insurance Plan 

Our health insurance plan is tailored to the needs of our people - giving them and their family access to competitive private health cover, packaged with exciting features and benefits.

R U OK? Day 

We partner with R U OK? to provide relevant programs and services to support our staff members' mental health.

Every year, we engage with speakers from R U OK? to talk about topics on mental health awareness. We also provide practical guides for mental health in the workplace that cultivate healthy discussions and support amongst our people. 

Health Checks 

We provide access to free annual health checks for our staff members. This can help for early detection of conditions and encourage change in lifestyle for better management of their health. 

Flu Vaccinations 

Every year, our staff members can access the Guild Corporate Health flu vaccination program to stay protected from the cold and flu virus. 

Virgin Pulse Challenge 

In this challenge, staff members form teams to make a healthy change - such as getting into a workout regime or shifting to a more nutritious diet. Not only do these encourage healthy lifestyles, but it also boosts camaraderie! 

Skin Checks 

We give free skin checks to our staff members to make sure they have healthy skin, allowing early detection of skin cancer and reducing the risk of developing skin health problems.


Uprise is our partner in providing wellbeing programs and services. Together, we employ a holistic approach to mental health support - giving our people access to training, tools, coaching, and therapies which can also be extended to their immediate family members.

Training topics are focused on cultivating a healthy, open and practical approach to wellbeing, including starting mental health conversations, supporting someone in their mental health struggles and dealing with crisis.

Each month, Uprise conducts 30-minute webinars on wellbeing that encourage our people to incorporate wellbeing practices into their everyday lives.

Sharon Mallia

Sharon Mallia

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'Our team leaders are very supportive and the team itself is wonderful. We really try to support each other.'

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