Guild Group levels up

May 22, 2023: Guild Group has made significant moves to level up in the past year.

Guild Group office morning view Guild Group office morning view with the dining area

Guild Group has made significant moves to level up in the past year. Since Paul Cassidy commenced as CEO in July 2022, the Group has appointed an Executive General Manager of the Guild Insurance business (Beth Uehling), sold GuildLink to MedAdvisor and rolled out a transformational people and ways of working program.

Named #CONNECT, the transformative program aims to embrace hybrid working to cultivate learning, connection and collaboration across all team members. As part of this program, Guild are investing in their spaces to create environments that foster positive experiences for their staff.

The Melbourne office, located at the prestigious building of 171 Collins Street, has now moved up two floors, following a substantial refurbishment. The new offices feature panoramic views of the city, shared workstations, collaboration and innovation hubs and include technology such as Microsoft Surface Hubs and one-touch join to connect the meeting rooms with online participants, for an improved hybrid working experience. 

The office move marks an exciting step forward for Guild, embracing technology, a post-pandemic hybrid workforce and facilitating stronger connections across team members in all locations across Australia and the Philippines.

Guild’s Sydney office is currently under renovation and is due to be completed in late 2023.