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The Guild Retirement Fund provides quality superannuation solutions for over 80,000 members in the allied health and childcare industries. We have more than $2 billion funds under management and are one of the fastest growing specialist super funds in Australia.

We work closely with our members, employers and industry bodies to provide great-value, innovative super solutions. With our members in mind, we keep things simple to create an excellent customer experience.  

We recognise that 85% of our members are women. We appreciate and respect that many of our members are casual workers and/or work part-time. Therefore, unlike other super funds, this means that working for women is our core focus.

In 2018 The Guild Retirement Fund created SUPERSUPER™, a shop-and-save superannuation program that provides members with a way to contribute to their super that’s not linked to their income. With this first in market initiative, we are seeking a digital marketing specialist who can assist with delivering and promoting our award-winning products and services to members.

Our Vision

'To be the super fund that changed the future for women and their families'

Ben Fagan

Ben Fagan

Employer Partnerships Manager
Hobbies & interests

Running, gardening, footy (spectator only now) and spending time with family

Guild Trustee Services

'I feel that we have a really inclusive culture that allows people to be themselves and contribute to the business in their own style.'

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