'I truly believe that no matter how good your strategies and procedures are, it really comes down to the people and culture. At Guild we have this sorted.'

Darryl Fredericks Digital Channel Manager, Guild Insurance

Darryl's story

How long have you been at Guild Group?
I am the Digital Channel Manager at Guild Insurance and I have been at Guild since 2010.


What was the moment you knew you’d made the right decision to work at Guild?
Pretty early into my time with the company, I started on a 6-month contract. I had no intention of staying anywhere permanently back in 2010, but 10 years later here we are. I think that it’s just a testament to how great Guild really is!


What makes Guild different from other places you’ve worked?
There are a few aspects that make Guild different in a great way. Given that we are a niche medical indemnity insurer, we seem to attract people that although aren’t medical professionals, they have a similar caring ethos, sharing our purpose of being ‘there for those our communities rely on’. This gives our company a very customer-focused, caring and empathetic culture that always strives for the best.


What are the things at Guild Group that matter to you the most?
My colleagues and the amazing impact we have on our customers. I truly believe that no matter how good your strategies, processes and procedures are, it really comes down to the people and culture. At Guild we have this sorted, which allows us to provide great value to our customers, along with nurturing healthy and high-performing colleague relationships.


What experience have you had at Guild that has made you feel like you’ve owned your role?
There have been a lot over ten years, probably too many to share here in detail. Throughout my time with Guild I have been a key lead in multiple centralisation projects, offshoring, building new areas of the business and now recently focusing on our Digital Channels, and in all these positions I have been empowered and supported to own my role.


When you tell people about your job, what is the one thing that surprises them?
The amount of career investment that Guild has given me, in ten years I have been promoted six times. This comes as surprise to most, not only due to the size of Guild, but also based on their own career progression and investment that their companies have shown in them – which in most cases doesn’t stack up to Guild!


What is a hobby or passion you have outside of work?
My hobbies would be travel, snowboarding and I’m also a big foodie! My passions are cars, architecture, music, and animals. 


What is your favourite place to travel?
I love travelling and so far having been to 24 countries. I have many favourites, so to answer the question, I’d say my favourite places are the ones that I am yet to experience.


Is there anything that you’ve accomplished outside of work that you’re particularly proud of?
On a professional level, it would be having built two e-commerce retail businesses. On a personal level, the amount of travel that I have been able to do and the amazing network of people I have, you are your surroundings and experiences.  

Darryl Fredericks
Digital Channel Manager
Guild Insurance
Hobbies & Interests

Travel. Snowboarding. Cars. Animals. Architecture