'Beyond their generosity, what sets Guild apart from other workplaces is the unwavering support from our leaders through to our peers'

Estie Mariano Senior Underwriting Support Officer, Guild Solutions Inc.

Estie's story

My experience at Guild

I started my career at Guild Insurance back in October 2017 as an Underwriting Support Officer. Working at Guild makes me enjoy the diverse tasks that the role gives me and being able to help our onshore counterparts by providing support to their work.

Also, working in insurance is fulfilling – to be part of something that’s helping to improve the lives of others even if we are just working behind the scenes.

I have worked at two of the biggest insurance companies prior to joining Guild, but Guild has truly appreciated my work. Just within the first year of my tenure in this company, they have given me both Spotlight and MVP award and has been promoted to subject matter expert (SME) or senior for the Acerta Offshore Team.

Beyond their generosity, what sets Guild apart from other workplaces is the unwavering support from our leaders through to our peers, especially during the pandemic. Now, the company also started shifting to a hybrid working arrangement which makes people so grateful because not only do they think of the future of the business but also the welfare of the people as well.

Here at Guild, I felt valued, recognised, empowered and rewarded and I wouldn’t stay here up to now if this is not the right place to work for.

I felt empowered when my managers entrusted and believed in me to spearhead a new account or team within the company. Working on process testing & process manuals on top of my regular workload to being recognized as instrumental in the entry of new opportunities for GSI is something I am proud of.

The culture at Guild is amazing. You can be yourself working at Guild and still be professional. You can be recognised for your work without boundaries. There’s no discrimination. It is a safe work environment with fun and supportive people to work with.


Outside of work...

An accomplishment that I’m very proud of outside of work on a professional or entrepreneurial aspect is having a commercial property rental business (part-owner) which is income generating on a long-term basis.

On a personal level, it would be the amount of travel experiences that I have been to both local and international destinations. Being able to see and experience God’s wonderful creation on different parts of the world, meeting new people and hearing their stories, tasting different cuisines, and exploring different cultures is just a wonderful feeling.

A fun fact about me is I’m actually the most boring person you could have ever met. I’d rather stay at home drinking wine and watching Netflix than party in clubs/bars.

Estie Mariano
Estie Mariano
Senior Underwriting Support Officer
Guild Solutions Inc.
Hobbies & Interests

Hobbies: Cycling, travelling, and ice skating

Secret Passion: Architecture, interior design, savings & investments