'There is a real sense of unity, respect and acceptance. As well as enjoying my role, I feel genuinely valued and appreciated.'

Fiona Saunders Editor, Digital Designer and Coordinator, Gold Cross, Gold Cross

Fiona's story

How long have you been at Guild Group?
I work for Gold Cross as the Editor, Digital Designer and Coordinator. I started as an Administration and Sales Coordinator- Publishing in 2020.


What was the moment you knew you’d made the right decision to work at Guild?
I kind of knew from the first day, I was welcomed in from the start as part of the Guild Group community, by both my immediate manager and by the team. By the end of my first week, I realised accepting my role at the Guild was a great decision.


What makes Guild different from other places you’ve worked?
There is a real sense of unity, respect and acceptance. As well as enjoying my role, I feel genuinely valued and appreciated within my workplace. Open communication is encouraged and because of the supportive culture, I feel comfortable in expressing my thoughts and opinions.


What are the things at Guild Group that matter to you the most?
Aside from the camaraderie and respect which is part of the culture, I would have to say the other important elements are associated with the work itself. The combination of doing work I enjoy with the challenge of implementing new processes and being able to contribute positively to an already great working environment are all things that matter to me.


What experiences have you had at Guild that have made you feel like you’ve owned your role?
Seeing a project with tight time constraints, which also required coordination between our team and our clients, and was a huge learning curve for me, come together seamlessly.


When you tell people about your job, what is the one thing that surprises them?
My family and friends have been really surprised by how much I enjoy my job, the level of comfort and alignment I’ve felt from the start has also been mentioned to me.


What is a hobby or passion you have outside of work?
Any time spent with family and friends makes me happy. I’m also a big lover of creativity and music, from watching or playing music, to drawing, painting, dancing and cooking. Among my favourite things are great conversation, fabulous food and anything that makes me laugh.


What is your favourite place to travel?
I don’t think I could narrow it down to one place, different places have my vote for different reasons. Paris is high on my list for the gorgeous old buildings, the many hidden alleyways to explore, the eclectic markets and of course, the food. Denmark and Malaysia are also right up there, for vastly different reasons. I love being in and around nature and in Australia we are lucky enough to have some of the most beautiful beaches, mountains and rainforests in the world, many of which are my favourite places to spend time in.


Is there anything that you’ve accomplished outside of work that you’re particularly proud of?
I’m proud of many things I’ve accomplished personally but probably the thing I’m most proud of is having raised 3 gorgeous humans who are 3 of my favourite people, all while keeping my sanity and my sense of humour intact – although there could be some visible signs of wear and tear to both.


Fiona Saunders
Editor, Digital Designer and Coordinator, Gold Cross
Gold Cross
Hobbies & Interests

Music. Drawing. Painting. Cooking