'I have the freedom to be creative within my new role, that is ever evolving.'

Helen Sims Business Insurance Sales Specialist, Guild Insurance

Helen's story

My experience at Guild

I started at Guild in March 2019, less than 12 months before we transitioned to a completely different way of working because of the global pandemic.

But that didn’t stop me from enjoying my time at Guild. Working at Guild, I have the freedom to be creative within my new role that is ever evolving. I have a very supportive management team and I’m part of a great team. We are a lively bunch that listen to each other and give constructive feedback.

Guild is different from other places I’ve worked with as it definitely has diverse and talented people that I get to engage with daily. With ‘busy’ as the new buzz word, I’ve found that Guild allows for work-life balance and that my colleagues are never too busy to have a friendly chat and let me bounce ideas off them. There is also a genuine sense of caring for each other around the business. I really felt supported in every way during the pandemic. And this sense of care is foremost extended to our customers. Guild was awarded Small General Insurance Company of the Year in 2021 for looking after our people and our communities that rely on us.

At Guild I’ve been given the opportunity to learn new things with collaborative and clever people. Our values say everything about our culture - #KNOWIT, #CREATEIT, #OWNIT and #LIVEIT!


Outside of work...

Now that I’m older I call myself a frill seeker rather than a thrill seeker. I love travelling, entertaining, and making fashion statements. Spending time at our beach house is right up there as my partner is a fabulous gardener and I love cooking with fresh produce picked straight out of the garden.

Apart from my relationship, I would say travelling the world, by myself as a woman with no mobile or internet, landing at international airports with nowhere to go and just working it out on the spot. I would not have climbed Mount Sinai, ventured inside the Egyptian Pyramids, wandered around Moroccan markets, trekked around the jungles of Southern India, checked out Flamingos in the Yucatan or driven around Australia by myself for 3 years if I’d waited for someone to do it with me!

A fun fact about me is I was born with blue/black hair, and I don’t eat anything with eyelashes.


Helen Sims
Business Insurance Sales Specialist
Guild Insurance
Hobbies & Interests

In no particular order: cooking, entertaining, bushwalking, Travel (especially Japan and Mexico), our house in Venus Bay, Fashion, Arthouse movies and reading