'Everyone I have encountered at Guild has been enthusiastic, and I have felt a friendly and relaxed work atmosphere.'

Ivan Jian Digital Developer, Shared Services

Ivan's story

My experience at Guild

What I enjoy most about my role at Guild is the satisfaction I get from solving problems and creating solutions. As a programmer, I have plenty of opportunities at Guild to indulge in my interests. Moreover, Guild is filled with talented individuals, and I learn something new every day working with my colleagues.

Guild is the first company I have worked for since graduating from university, so I cannot directly compare it with other places. However, in my perspective, Guild is an exceptional company. Everyone I have encountered at Guild has been enthusiastic, and I have felt a friendly and relaxed work atmosphere. My colleagues and leaders consistently encourage me, which motivates me to excel in my role.

Joining Guild as a graduate in 2018, I was relatively inexperienced in many aspects. However, now I can confidently handle various tasks and derive a sense of accomplishment from my daily work. The experiences I have had at Guild have allowed me to become a better version of myself. I can see incremental progress every day, and this continuous growth makes me believe that Guild is the right place for me.

In my perspective, Guild has an open, inclusive, and relaxed work culture. The relationships among colleagues are friendly, and there is a shared belief in helping and sharing knowledge with one another. My leaders also consistently show interest in my personal growth. Working at Guild, I feel encouraged and supported.

Outside of work...

Outside of work, I enjoy playing video games as a way to relax. I also have a passion for playing the guitar as I find great pleasure in playing or learning guitar tunes in my leisure time. I also love hiking.

Becoming a better version of myself through this journey is something I am particularly proud of. I used to have an unhealthy lifestyle, with poor eating habits and a lack of exercise, which led to being overweight and feeling subpar in terms of health. A few years ago, I made a firm decision to change my lifestyle. I successfully managed to lose weight and reach my ideal weight. I developed a habit of exercising regularly and have maintained it ever since.

A fun fact about me is that I grew one centimetre taller after turning 23.

Ivan Jian
Digital Developer
Shared Services
Hobbies & Interests

Gaming, Guitar, Hiking