'At Guild, I’ve had lot of opportunities to learn new technologies which increased my professional skill set.'

Meena Thirumalai Guidewire Developer, Shared Services

Meena's story

How long have you been at Guild Group?
I have been working at Guild Group since 2020, as all of my experience is in Guidewire and Insurance industry, I would like to stay here a long time since this is where I want to be.

I graduated from University in Information Technology and started my career as a Software Developer trained in Guidewire. I’ve developed my career as a Guidewire Specialist with around 5 years of experience and then joined Guild Group in January 2020 with a lot of passion.


What was the moment you knew you’d made the right decision to work at Guild?
I am so amazed with the Guild group’s Purpose, vision and values.

At Guild, I’ve had lot of opportunities to learn new technologies which increased my professional skill set and that’s helping a lot for my career growth. When I had opportunity to learn new things in a great workplace with lots of collaboration, smiles and fun at work, that was the moment I was so sure that I had made a right decision working at Guild.


What makes Guild different from other places you’ve worked at?
Guild is a great place to work and I love to be part of the Technology team. Great collaboration and teamwork is always a success at Guild, it brings the best of my ability in terms of my productivity. I really enjoy working here each day and having fun through various events and competitions.


What are the things at Guild Group that matter to you the most?
The things that matter to me the most are the Guild values. The alignment of the Group’s values and mine increases my engagement, boost my productivity, and help me perform at my best!


What experience have you had at Guild that have made you feel like you’ve owned your role?
I am passionate about what I do and valued for my efforts. I got to develop the new Anta project (creating a new scheme in PolicyCenter (Guidewire) and its functionalities) as soon as I joined Guild. I was so glad that I was trusted and given the responsibility and recognition for the work I did with all the support whenever needed.

I was so proud and happy that I owned this role which has expanded my professional skill set, built great relationships and motivated to grow professionally.

When you tell people about your job, what is the one thing that surprises them?
I genuinely enjoy my work which makes me more productive, happier and more successful. This increases my self-confidence and inspires greater performance and greater success. All the fun factors at Guild reduces stress which increases productivity, as well as my happiness.


What is a hobby or passion you have outside of work?
I love dancing. The whole day if you ask me to, I can keep dancing, that’s how much I am fond of dancing. Also, I am good at creating art, painting and crafts which makes me more creative, gives me more confidence and more way to expand and express my passion.

I treat them as solo me time and it’s my immediate battery recharge station whenever I am sad or stressed. It helps to create a fresh perspective and encourage me a different way of thinking that may not have been considered.


What is your favourite place to travel?
My all-time favourite place is Paris. I love to travel to Paris mainly for Disneyland and enjoy every ride like a child.


Is there anything that you’ve accomplished outside of work that you’re particularly proud of?
During my undergraduate degree I won a dance competition held in a college cultural event. 

Meena Thirumalai
Guidewire Developer
Shared Services
Hobbies & Interests

Dancing. Painting.