'At Guild, work-life balance is respected and it is a great company to develop and grow.'

Ronnel Cu Claims Admin Specialist, Guild Solutions Inc.

Ronnel's story

My experience at Guild

Since I started working at Guild in March 2021, I have loved my role and my teammates. I found it challenging at first for someone who does not have a workers compensation background, but I really do enjoy what I am doing, especially when it comes to acquiring new knowledge.

Guild is different from other companies I’ve worked for, because at Guild, work-life balance is respected, there’s great remuneration and it is a great company to develop and grow.

The level of care and compassion at Guild is amazing. I remember when I had COVID-19 in 2021, our managers were very quick to extend help. They sent me care kits, fruits and vitamins to speed up my recovery, which I appreciated a lot!

I love the great culture at Guild. It is incomparable to other companies. Managers and senior leaders are easy to approach, they demonstrate trust, and they show respect to their team members.


Outside of work...

When I am not working, you’ll see me oftentimes in Bonifacio Global City (BGC). I also like going to the beach and exploring new chill spot areas in Metro Manila.

Something I’m extremely proud of about myself is I had been a working student since high school and finished college after 10 years. Growing up, I wasn't sure what I really wanted in life, so I took different courses from different universities until I found my strength in Marketing. I solely relied on scholarships and never depended on my parents. I was that flamboyant and ultra-competitive guy who is determined to get that diploma. It was not easy, but through patience, perseverance and drive, I did it!

I hope that by sharing this, I'd be able to inspire other people to believe in the beauty of their dreams and be determined to turn those dreams into reality.

A fun fact about me is I love current events. I feel empowered when I know what's going on around the world.





Ronnel Cu
Claims Admin Specialist
Guild Solutions Inc.
Hobbies & Interests

Watching videos about real estate, current events and cryptocurrency