'Our team leaders are very supportive and the team itself is wonderful. We really try to support each other.'

Sharon Mallia Underwriter, Guild Insurance

Sharon's story

My experience at Guild 

Guild is quite different from my previous workplaces. We are a niche insurance company and really strive to support our customers and to be part of something bigger.  

What I enjoy most about working here is being in a supportive team that is here to help our clients. The culture at Guild is inclusive and welcoming. Since starting here in 2020 I’ve felt included, respected and valued.  

Our team leaders are very supportive and the team itself is wonderful. We really try to support each other and to provide the best customer experience.


Outside of work… 

I am proud to have built our family home and raise my children. I’m very passionate about spending time with family - especially my two sons, Caleb, 22 & Jeremy, 11.

We enjoy watching movies on the couch together and going out to enjoy a movie. Whether it’s the playground, camping, fishing, a concert, we enjoy anything that we can do as a family. I love our family space and love hearing from other people how respectful and polite my children are. They fill me with a sense of accomplishment every day.

When I’m not spending time with my kids, I love cooking, gardening, cryptic crosswords and yoga. I also love to dance and sing around the house when cleaning! 

Sharon Mallia
Guild Insurance
Hobbies & Interests

cooking, gardening, cryptic crosswords, yoga, spending time with my family