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A history of service

For a company that places high value on personal service it is fitting that the seed of Guild Insurance was sown by a personal incident.

In 1961, a South Australian pharmacist, Mr Alan A Russell OBE, met a distressed hairdresser. She told him a customer had slipped in her shop and was suing her and that she had no public liability insurance.    

Mr Russell imagined pharmacists being placed in the same position and recognised the opportunity to provide a vital service. He put the idea to the National Council of the Federated Pharmaceutical Services Guild of Australia (now The Pharmacy Guild of Australia). The Council agreed in principle that they should establish an Australia-wide insurance facility that would provide specialised insurance cover against all the risks of running a pharmacy.

1963: Guild Insurance Limited

In 1963, Guild Insurance Limited was established, with Alan Russell as its first Chairman of Directors, and the Guild's Secretary, Mr Tom Evans as Company Secretary.    

The pharmacist's ethic of honesty, integrity and high professional competence is shared by Guild Insurance. This reputation, combined with a specialised knowledge of the insurance needs of healthcare and childcare businesses, gave us a solid base from which to expand.

Since then the company has grown significantly to now include financial services and professional services companies.

Guild Insurance

Established in 1963, Guild Insurance provides business insurance, professional indemnity, home & contents and car insurance.

Guild Financial Services

Created in 1994, Guild Financial Services includes:

The Guild Group Board

The Directors of the Guild Group Board are:

Guild Group Holdings Limited (GGHL)
George Venardos Chairman of the Board and Non-Executive Director
Ian Todd
Non-Executive Director
Stephen Somogyi Non-Executive Director
Tim Logan Non-Executive Director
John Dowling Non-Executive Director
Robert Andrew Bloore   Non-Executive Director
Linda Margaret Jenkinson Non-Executive Director


Guild Group Annual Reports

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